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Cold Fusion downloads and other software

Add-ons and utilities. Currently these are largely freeware, mostly written in C/C++, and mostly running under Cold Fusion. Not all these parameters will remain constant.

  • Logsite: Our log analysis program that lets you analyse site visits in great detail - now available as a .exe file.

  • CFX_LOGSITE: The Cold Fusion version of Logsite.

  • CFX_FONT: Generate text graphics dynamically or from a database batch run.

  • CFX_COUNT: Highly customisable page hit counter.

  • CFX_CLOCK: A very simple graphic analog clock to display on a web page.

  • CFX_READTEXT: Reads PC, Mac and Unix text files line by line and creates a list. This is an alternative to CFFILE, which can only read an entire file into memory - not good for big files.

  • CFX_TIMESTAMP: A utility that allows you to alter the modification and/or creation dates of individual files on the server.

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